Most intelligent light Sony Multifunctional Light

Most intelligent light: Sony Multifunctional Light

  On January 14, TheVerge, according to foreign media reports, 2016 is a networked device to do a variety of smart phones to do things a year, while Sony was going to bring this idea to the extreme. The company’s latest Multifunctional Light electrical equipment can provide a variety of unexpected functions.

  The product from humidity sensor data with other electrical equipment such as air conditioning, thermostat communicates its motion sensor is able to detect when you are in the room using infrared rays will open your TV, can also act as a family radio system with speakers and a microphone. It even has a microSD card slot, and its use is not clear.

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  All these functions can be controlled through a Smartphone app to match, whether you’re at home or on the outside can be controlled.

  Overall, the Sony equivalent to Amazon Echo intelligent audio technologies are integrated into a butterfly lights. You know, by meeting basic functionality requirements for sound control center, Echo, as well as Amazon’s Alexa Digital Assistant United States occupy an increasingly prominent position in the field of intelligent home. However, Multifunctional Light only landed in the first half of this year Japan market, pricing and to other countries and regions have yet to be announced.

Most intelligent light: Sony Multifunctional Light
Most intelligent light: Sony Multifunctional Light

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