So so ASUS Flip TP200SA deformation test

  Despite Microsoft’s Surface Book there are many disputes, but there is no doubt that it has brought a new wave of concern about portable deformation. In this way, it allows other OEM are under enormous pressure, similar products are being compared to Surface Book. If their product rather than software provider is amazing, it would be embarrassing.

  ASUS’s new Flip TP200SA is such a product. As deformation and its Tablet and keyboard unity, hinge support 360 ° turn. 11.6-inch, resolution 1366×768 the IPS screen is stronger than Surface Book Maverick 3000×2000 universal. So, we’re evaluating to see its performances:


So-so: ASUS Flip TP200SA deformation test

  Flip TP200SA looks pretty simple, but not ugly, metal top shells and Palm makes it low-priced laptop is not that cheap, face value and do much better than plain plastic. Flip TP200SA the overall tone of a bluish-black, looks clean and handsome. Equipment is plastic, but the overall feeling is rather strong.

  Flip TP200SA is a two in one laptop, the screen can rotate 360 degrees so that it can work like a tablet. Hinge feels very unstable, turned up a very smooth, not feel shaking. But it’s a little tight, rotation when struggling with one hand.

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So-so: ASUS Flip TP200SA deformation test

  Is, after all, prepared for two in one, Flip TP200SA in General is very light, only 1.17 kg. However, compared with the real tablet, it is a bit bloated.

  ASUS power key and the volume key in the upper part of the left side of the laptop, this design is very flat. If you’re used to the power key on the keyboard, you will have to adapt to this design for a while.

  Power button layout makes those Flip TP200SA interface had to move a little bit moved forward position. This way, if you hand hold the tablet form of it, those interfaces will be covered by your hand. When you need to use a USB memory stick, it may give you some problems.

  Keyboard and touchpad

So-so: ASUS Flip TP200SA deformation test

  For laptop, keyboard and touchpad are very important, but on the deformation of the layout of their experience is often compromised. Flip TP200SA is no exception, but it is not all bad.

  Unexpected good Flip TP200SA the feel of the keyboard, haptic feedback and key travel were just right. Although overall the keyboard a bit small, but you can hardly notice this change.

  Compared with a good keyboard, touchpad experience could say just enough. Its advantage is big enough, but key to sneak into the plate around the design will give people a problem. Especially right-because it is not intuitive, it’s easy to accidentally touch it.

  It should be said that, Flip TP200SA touchpad supports multitouch gestures such as two-finger scrolling, scaling, and so on. Unfortunately, these operations recognition rates are very poor, and you cannot turn it off. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

  Hardware performance Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

So-so: ASUS Flip TP200SA deformation test

  Flip TP200SA powered by quad-core Celeron N3050 processor, 2.16GHz. EMMC storage 4GB RAM and 64GB. Graphics card, integrated Intel HD Graphics. So we have to keep in mind is that not to have too much expectations.

  This run of results as follows:

  GeekBench:907 (single core), 1650 (multicore)

  PCMark 8:1214

  Cinebench CPU:63; graphic: 11.50 fps

  If only everyday use do not play games, Flip TP200SA enough to cope with most of the work. However, when the processor usage skyrocketed when, click response appears dull, jitter of the pointer. It is interesting in this State, and play HD videos music and smooth down is exactly the same.

  In General, the Flip TP200SA can give you what you can look forward to on the a deformation of the performance.

  Battery life time

  ASUS says Flip TP200SA on a single charge of the battery life is about 8 hours, according to test this technique is generally not entirely different. Test it in the time up to 7 hours and 36 minutes, compared with the similar Acer Cloudbook 6 hours and 39 minutes.

  Screen effects

So-so: ASUS Flip TP200SA deformation test

  Flip TP200SA effect in General, than Street 1080p 1366×768 resolution was supposed to be a disadvantage.

  But despite the resolution said Flip TP200SA could probably satisfy you, it shows clear and sharp photos, text edges smooth enough but can also be accepted. Catch is, the screen brightness is not good, even in cloudy weather, you wouldn’t want to be used outdoors.

  General comments

  Use standard to describe ASUS Flip TP200SA may be more appropriate. It can cope with the work, but performance overall is low, other aspects not good not bad, average. However, 360 degree hinges and doesn’t look cheap workmanship are still its plus points.

  Flip TP200SA can’t compete with Surface compared to the Book, of course, but this is a cheap Hey, what bike do you want?

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