Is death Note II Pantech will be pushed 2GHz quad core mobile

Is death Note II Pantech will be pushed 2GHz quad-core mobile

According to foreign media, Pantech will be launched in January next year a new Quad-screen phone, to a 5.9-inch 1080P screen, 2GHz Qualcomm MSM8974 quad core processor 2G RAM capacity. As Korea’s third-largest mobile phone company, Pantech’s intentions very clear, is wanted in Korea native and Samsung Galaxy Note II, LG Optimus Vu II and other slice, this time using MSM8974, this chip may as the world’s first mobile phone.

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In accordance with the development of high-throughput routes, MSM8974 is indeed as a main product launch of January 2013, and the core of this product actually and now the hot APQ8064, are based on 28nm process technology Krait snake, central structure, but now APQ8064 products are 1.5GHz,MSM8974 directly to 2GHz, the effectiveness of this upgrade is very considerable. In addition, GPU, MSM8974 or use the Adreno 320, provide powerful graphics processing power for mobile phones.

Is death Note II Pantech will be pushed 2GHz quad-core mobile

MSM8974 is Qualcomm’s first SoC for mobile development, and APQ8064 the biggest difference is that MSM8974 is an integrated 3G/LTE module. APQ8064 in development when not actually thought I’d be on the phone, now widely used in the flagship phones, so the MSM8974 is the real significance of the first high-throughput quad-core mobile processor.


Again look at the background of the Pantech, as Korea native among the top three mobile phone brand, Pantech’s strength is still very strong. Home users can buy so-called “foreign garbage” contract, so it’s much less visibility than Samsung, LG. Pantech’s flagship product is now the A850, it uses today’s top hardware configuration, with a 5.3-inch sharp 720P IPS screen, CPU is, of course, top APQ8064 1.5G processor, 13 million pixel camera. Now gray market just 25XX, price is very high. But the Korean version of the phone, there are many problems, such as native system does not support Chinese text messages, does not support EDGE are common problems. Taktik iPhone 5 Case

Below is the Pantech A850

Is death Note II Pantech will be pushed 2GHz quad-core mobile
Is death Note II Pantech will be pushed 2GHz quad-core mobile


If this Pantech is really on schedule next year against the natural level of cell phones, which is cast in the market bombshell, I believe that Samsung and LG are also under pressure, how will they respond?


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